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We are a subsidiary of Fascitek, LLC which is based in Lynchburg, VA.  Fascitek is a company which approaches the task of accurately and efficeintly finding information on the internet, or within a business, in a way that is 180 degrees different from how most search engines and websites attempt to find information.

We are also able to break the internet down geographically by political boundries (State, County, City) that everyone is familiar with, instead of arbitrarily by zip code or alleged distance.

We chose to build our first "Information Engine" in Appomattox for several reasons.  The three main reasons were because the parents of the companies founder live in the county which gave him a familiarity with the area.  Another reason was because Appomattox was small enough of a county to enable the information gathering aspect of the business to be completed within a shorter amount of time.  The people and busienss of Appomattox have also been very friendly and open to our efforts to help the area.

Mr. William L. Hawkins, Jr. is an entrepreneur and the Managing Partner for Fascitek, the parent company of the Appomattox.VAyourWay site.  His parents are Bill and Bethel Hawkins who live in Spout Spring.  Mr. Hawkins, the son, has a love for history and that love is exhibted in his choice of Appomatox as his first site in Virginia, plus he is the author of the historical novel, Prickett's Fort.  He is a graduate of Fairmont State College in West Virginia and was a teacher for eighteen years in public and private schools.

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